Hood River County Fairgrounds
Presents the 91st Hood River County Fair
Hood River County, Oregon
July 25th through 28th, 2018

Parking Information

The main gate will remain open this year at all times, even if the main parking areas to the south of the midway are full. There will be signage and/or staff to inform you of the parking status in these lots. If full, you have the option to drive through the lot and search for spaces, or proceed to an alternate lot (soccer field lot from Summit Dr., or the school lot from Wyeast Rd.).

How to Park
Main Midway Lot - Cars park facing east/west with front or rear bumper on line
East Midway Lot - Cars park facing north/south with front or rear bumper on line
Stadium Soccer Lot - (via Summit Dr.) Cars park facing east/west with front or rear bumper on line
Wyeast School Lot - (via Wyeast Rd.) There will be construction of a new parking lot adjacent to the school so parking will be limited. However the field north of school lot will be available for parking

Horse Trailer Parking
We are asking ALL horse trailer for ALL competitive events to park in the field north of Wyeast middle school. This will prevent you from being parked into a lot, if there is a heavy parking night and your event will run late.

Handicap Parking
There are handicap parking sections in each parking lot. They are marked with sandwich boards. Please have your handicap permit clearly visible.

4H Parking
We have made the main gate closure policy change (no gate closures) this year with the 4H club members in mind. Because of this, we are asking for your cooperation to not 'save a place' for a car by placing lawn chairs, etc. in the parking area or purposely parking over the line.

Vendor Parking
The vendor parking area is just inside the main gate, just east of the midway food booths. There are NOT enough spaces for all the booths' workers to park, so we are asking that the booth owners only park in the vendor area. All vendor workers should park in the public lots. If you are resupplying your booth, it is permissible to pull down the alley along the flower bldg. and park temporarily to unload. However, please do not park on the road permanently.


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